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Social audience building platform helping businesses connect with clients.


Social Audience Platform

Reach7 engagement platform enables advanced audience targeting and audience segmentation across social media platforms. Using social campaigns to bring the power of big social data directly to your fingertips.

We had the opportunity to work with the Reach7 team during their initial phase of investment. Helping them develop their branding and designing some rock solid UX/UI for their team of developers.


Platform design

Our design team needs feedback! Without it, we are giving nothing more than educated guesses. This is why we like to share our wireframes with clients. We know design, but our clients know their business.

This gives us the opportunity to incorporate feedback and get everyone involved straight from the beginning. Reach7’s team feedback helped us with our next round of iterations and ensured a smooth process throughout.

Mobile UI

Designing a Mobile UI first layout allows us to focus on the essential functions the user will be performing. Using the UI principles while designing mobile apps allows us to create an overall great user experience.

UX elements can cross over to desktops, with great results. It has become a trend in recent years and for good reason. Mobile UI has helped us develop better desktop experiences. Reach7’s audience discovery had many moving parts to it’s platform. This created some unique challenges for our designers and they enjoyed coming up with innovative solutions.

SAAS Platform

Payment Systems

Part of creating SaaS platforms is to effectively lead the customer to purchase a monthly subscription or take up an offer. We’ve worked with many clients on their business models and how best communicate the benefits to the customer.

Messaging is important when we start talking about money and monthly plans. Modern UI/UX will help your end-user gain confidence in your platform. Our goal is to create SaaS platforms that convert users to customers. It can take periods of experimentation and learning to get it just right.

Hootsuite Integration

It’s no longer enough that a product just works. They need to look beautiful and integrations are now the norm. Reach7 had many customers using Hootsuite as their preferred social publishing tool. That allowed us to start designing their add-on which appeared as a channel in the Hootsuite dashboard.

Vancouver agency Web design layout for mobile