We create layouts for products that people love to use.

Vancouver Startup Design


We design product UX & UI layouts that focus on the users experience and how to convert them into customers.

Saas platfrom design

SaaS Platform

We work on MVP landing pages that focus on value proposition and design layouts for useful SaaS platforms. Our goal is to design beautiful platforms that convert users to customers.

Investable startups

Investment Platform

We've helped clients get their MVP's accepted by banks & government regulatory branches. Our latest platform layout allows people to invest in properties or apply for a loan using a simple to use dashboard.

Social platform design

Social Platform

There are many social platforms out there and we understand that each is unique in it's offering. Our goal is to offer a truly unique experience with each platform we design.



Our clients all have a unique story to tell and we love to hear them. Everything from the initial paper napkin idea to where they see their company in two to five years. It’s important for us to understand their vision.

No client is the same and each product layout we create solves a unique problem. When it comes to brainstorming and problem solving, design thinking is essential and the outcomes are amazing. The idea behind “Design Thinking” is the ability to think of business solutions as well as creative ones. Then by combining these two mindsets we create some of our best work.

Web Product layout storytelling
Product UX storytelling

Research | UX Design

The platforms we design are mainly devoted to the people who use them.  Our design research keeps the end-user in mind, it tells us who that person is, how they will be using your product or service, and what they expect. We ask questions, take notes and learn everything we can about the target audience.

UX research and design serves many purposes. Our team will first identify competitors and help establish the personas who use the services. We then work with our clients to understand the similarities, key differences and how to best communicate these to the end-users.

Layout & UI Design

Wireframes will outline the general users flow and how they will navigate the platform. This stage is a basic blueprint that gives us a nice overview of where things should be. Nobody wants to build a house and end up with the toilet in the living room right!

User interface design is where all our work starts to come together. At this stage we have a good understanding of our users and a UX design that make perfect sense. Bringing these two together into a simple intuitive layout that’s user-friendly is interface design. We like to keep our layouts consistent and keep a user-centered process throughout the design life-cycle.

TipTopChef Vancouver personal chef web platform by Tremendous Work
Tremendous Work testing web layouts

Prototype Tools

Full product walkthrough

It’s important that non-technical investors have the opportunity to click around and understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. We can prepare presentations and basic prototypes that will give them the opportunity to experience the product first hand.

These are design layout prototypes that will allow you to present a product that appears to be functional without a line of code required. At this stage you have a  MVP layout which is ready for investment and development.