Teach someone how to cook or book a cook and learn from home.

Our founder has a long history of successful startup which have raised multiple seed rounds in his latest ventures in Europe and now in Canada. Our Vancouver studio is passionate about startup ideas and turning concepts into lovely usable layouts. Every year our team comes together to work on our incubator startup. This years project is a vision we have that will change the way people learn how to cook and enjoy food.

Healthy cooking and local ingredients are at the core of this new concept, which has recently launched connecting people with Personal chefs in Vancouver. As our first Canadian startup we are excited to be meeting new investors for our first round of funding. Learn more about how TipTopChef helps personal chefs, cooks and culinary students in Vancouver.


Free delivery directly to your door. Pick a dish and learn to cook.

Platform Design

User interface that rocks

Keeping web layouts simple and flexible is always a priority. We want our layouts to deliver exactly what the user expects. From experience we understand that not every user has the same goals. Our design process goes through various stages of testing and feedback and we want to ensure people love using our products.

TipTopChef is being designed to highlight all the wonderful dishes that will be available to our signed up users. Making it easy to find a chef, book a time and pay securely online in just a few click.


Investment ready platform

We happy to have recently launched in Vancouver.  Our team have been hard at work creating a chef platform that will finally bring personal chefs to everyone’s home. Come and check out today and book a chef online.

Vancouver Personal Chef Platform