Startup Platform Design

We all have ideas and it inspires us to create web layouts for them.

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Startup Platform Design

Tremendous Work has a history of helping startups get ready for investment. Our team of designers bring ideas to life while telling the startups story. Entrepreneurs are savvy these days and have prepared many aspect of their new startup. Including their business model, product service offering and calculated their ROI. Many don’t have the designer skills then needed to create platform layout and prototype.

With the help of our designers we are able to transform all that business preparation into some lovely usable layouts. Providing you with a startup platform design that gives you the fire power you need when raising capital.

Our in-house team of designers are problem solvers and love to be challenged. If you are in early stages of setting up a startup or have raised capital and need to get things moving we are here to help. We can turn your awesome ideas into sexy MVP’s with fully functional layouts that are ready for development.

Tremendous Work understands that building a startup from the ground up takes a lot of work and with budget restraints hiring a team isn’t always possible. We help you get started with a designs that will impress investors and allow you to start developing a well thought out product.

Minimum Viable Product

Validate your startup idea

Before starting to develop a new platform it’s important to fully validate your idea with a simple “Landing Page”  tracking interest and signup data.

A core component of “Lean Startup” methodology is to build, measure, learn and collect feedback. The sooner you can start to validate your startup idea the better off you will be. Platform designs can start with a basic minimum viable product layout. This approach will help you avoid some of the pitfalls early stage startups encounter. Validating pre-development can be key to a successful lasting business. Our team strive to create unforgettable user experiences and platform interfaces which aim to convert your users to clients.

MVP investable ideas by Tremendous Work Vancouver
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How minimal should your MVP be?

When it comes to investment there are many things to think about. Knowing your competitors is a good way to understanding the landscape of your business. Raising funding is never easy. It can take multiple iterations and tweaks to your idea before an investor gets excited.

Communicating the problem your startup is solving is important and doing this well may require visuals such as a nicely designed MVP. We can then build simple prototypes of your layouts to impress during investor presentations.