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Social media translation platform for easy global marketing.

SaaS platform design: Socialreach is a startup that connects business owners and marketing agencies with 10,000 professional human translator around the world.

Socialreach web platform preview


Translate with Socialreach.CO

Branding is a groundbreaking platform that helps businesses harness the power of social media and market their products across borders. With Socialreach it’s possible to market over social media in over 89 languages.

Our main objective was to create a branding which speaks about the unique selling point – marketing and languages. As with any branding job we start with some questions about the business.

We had a great time designing Socialreach’s branding from the ground up. Using warm colours for their identity and brand guidelines that reflected their business platform. A unique, smart, fun and recognizable logo was important for their social media marketing specialist.

SaaS Platform Design

Platform designs that converts

There are certain rules that apply when designing a SaaS application. The platforms public pages or landing page needs to self-service. Meaning a user should be able to register and start exploring the service without help.

Every layout we design is unique and built specifically to the end-users needs. We don’t re-use layouts as we want our clients to have the most functional and beautiful platform possible. In this day and ages it’s important to design fully functional layouts that work across any device. 

Vancouver Web Design planning

Platform UI

Our UI/UX designers created a whole bunch of concepts for this platform. Both aspects – visual and usable – need to be taken into account. A great UX, and by extension a great app, is all about implementing these little tricks that make the product just a little bit better.

Web Design Layout - Vancouver Tremendous Work


Tremendous Work’s branding and platform layouts have allowed Socialreach to raise multiple seed rounds which have reached over $2M in funding. This social media translation platform has now gained traction worldwide for it’s simple interface and easy of use. We are very proud to have spearheaded this project with our partners in London. 

Our team of designers here in Vancouver created all branding and visual design of the platform. We are happy to be working with our talented team in London.  Our Euro partners at Boxlight Media continue to develop this powerful business marketing tool. SaaS platform is currently gearing up for a further Series-A round in the near future.