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Investment Platform Design

When our team starts a project it’s important for us to understand who the intended end-user will be. Our UX (User Experience Design) research will help us determine just that and give us an understanding of what devices they will be using. Generally we like to work with a mobile first approach as it forces us to concentrate what’s important first.

Mobile web app design


While our team works through all the requirements of a new project we always have a main point of contact. It’s important to us that our clients always are in the know.

During our design process we make sure that no questions has gone unanswered. This gives both our clients team and ours the confidence to deliver within time and outlined budget. Wireframing is a recommended early step to most efficiently structure your layout. It’s important ground work that we will be the blueprint to the rest of the platform layouts.

UI Prototype

We understand that a visual presentation and prototypes can help answer many questions. Being able to click through layouts and experience the platform first handed is important. Our team will work with you to sketch out a few storyboards that visually match the intended user flow.

UI prototypes are the bridge between raw creative thoughts and the final product. It’s a simple yet powerful way we bring a platform to life without having to code a line saving your time and money. Read more about how we prepare prototype product UI layouts.

Mobile web design

FCA compliant platform layouts

When working with investment platforms due diligence is required. We worked closely with clients guidelines to ensure that strict requirements are met and can be presented for FCA approval. There are a number of platform models to consider and we make sure our layouts are fair, clear and not misleading.